Frequently asked questions

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General Questions

Why it is your site I should download themes and plugins from?

First of all, we post original clean files without internal ads, viruses and malicious code. Secondly, we offer direct download links to the Amazon S3. And thirdly, we always buy new themes and plugins, here you will always find files that does not exist in free access.

What Does Marketers Clubs Provide Me?

Our Marketers Clubs Membership offers you huge savings. Our service provides you a one stop location to download and test all the premium GPL files available to all club members.

Website owners, Freelancers and WordPress site developers can now download the exact premium plugin, premium theme, add-on, or extension offered by the 3rd party Developers. We offer the exact files from all the Developers here in one location for you to download fast and easy. When you do not need or want to pay for the tech support or automatic updates direct from the Developers here you save your money to spend on something more critical in launching your website.

Software is always updated. Join our newsletter or watch our Twitter feed for all your file updates.

What are your Terms of Service?

The terms of service for Marketers Clubs can be found Here.

What is your Privacy Policy?

The privacy policy for Marketers Clubs can be found Here.

Do you have any groups in Facebook, Twitter

Yes we do have groups inFacebook, Twitter:

Themes and Plugins

Where can I find a list of last updates for themes and plugins?

We post the list of the last updates for themes and plugins on the website: And you can find the list of all themes and plugins Here

How can you guarantee that the downloaded themes and plugins do not contain viruses and ads?

We will make a refund if you find ads, malicious code or viruses in a downloaded from MarketersClubs theme or plugin.

Will a theme or a plugin that I download work?

We do not make any modifications to files. If you need more information about operation and compatibility of a theme or a plugin please contact a developer directly.

A new version of a theme or a plugin was announced but is absent on your website

In case you did not find the last version of a theme or a plugin on our website you can send us a request via feedback form, send us e-mail on, write us online or simply leave a comment on the theme/plugin page and we will add download links as soon as we get theme/plugin.

When will you add/update theme/plugin that I need?

We will update a theme or a plugin as soon as we get them.

A theme or a plugin does not update automatically. Can I update theme/plugin on my own?

All themes and plugins available on are presented without purchased key necessary for online update via WordPress administrator panel. If you need an update you can always download it from MarketersClubs. If you want a theme or a plugin to update automatically – buy them directly from developers.

Where can I get a purchase key for a theme or a plugin?

95 % of all themes and plugins presented on our website are fully functional without entering the purchase key. The purchase key is necessary only for premium support on a developers’ website and to get automatic updates through the WordPress.

I have downloaded a theme/plugin but it does not work without a purchase key

Some themes and plugins require activation with a purchase key to import demo-data, paid extensions or do not work without activation. Pay attention that we provide original files and usually do not null themes or plugins. We also do not return money for spent points. If you have downloaded a theme or a plugin and they request activation – hire a freelancer to null it or make it on your own.

I have downloaded a theme/plugin and there is no documentation, PDF or demo-data

We update some themes and plugins via Envato API hence we upload only installation archives without any documentation, PDF and possibly demo-data. You can write us concerning any one or another theme or plugin and we will answer you whether there is full version or just installation archive.

I heard that free downloaded themes and plugins may contain ads, viruses or malicious code, mobile redirectors, etc.

Shared on themes and plugins do not contain ads, malicious code or viruses. We post only original themes and plugins from,, etc. You can check for viruses any file on You can also check any theme or plugin via TAC plugin, Wordfence online scanner or Aibolit offline scanner.

I have downloaded a file from your website and found a virus in it!

We use Kaspersky Internet Security and Malwarebytes Anti-malware anti-viruses software with last updates of virus data. Sometimes a number of chineese anti-viruse software from such as Risen or Jiangmin may conflict with clean files which is normal.

Do you offer technical support or freelance service?

We do not offer any technical support but you can send us your question and possibly we could give you an answer. We also do not offer any freelance service.

I can not install a theme or a plugin

Pay attention that there could be not only a theme/plugin inside a downloaded archive but also documentation, demo-data, PSD-files. Extract the downloaded archive and find an installation file inside.

A theme or a plugin does not work, there are errors while working with theme/plugin

We do not give any technical support and do not guarantee that themes or plugins will function the way you want. If you need support and guarantees – please buy a theme or a plugin directly from its developer.

I have downloaded a theme or a plugin from your website, installed it and damaged my website!

We do not modify provided themes and plugins, all files are presented «as they are». We do not care any responsibility for any website damage caused by installation of downloaded themes or plugins.

Do you have this theme or that plugin?

All we have is shared on our website. Use a search button in the main menu. If you could not find a theme or a plugin you are interested in – we do not have it!


Do you provide License Keys?

All these products have licensed under GNU GPL License, and hence you do not require any license keys to use these tools. But these instruments uses the license key to get an automatic update from their developers, And you can buy it from original developers only. So we do not provide license keys and please do not ask for it after purchase. Regularly updated files will be uploaded on as and when available.

What Is This Thing Called GPL?

WordPress is open source software (like Firefox from and they licensed their software under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL) This link will open in a new tab that explains the GNU/GPL License directly.

WordPress itself was created or derived from another piece of software that was also under the GPL license. And nearly all WordPress developers of plugins, themes, add-ons and extensions follow the GPL license.

We will only provide Developer files that are fully GPL Licensed just like WordPress (self hosted software) itself.

Do you offer license keys for plugins?

Plugins and Themes are open source (see above answer) so they don’t require any license keys unless you want to subscribe to the plugin author’s automatic update service and development support. We are not able to offer development support at these low prices. Of course you can already upgrade manually when updates are released, it just requires a couple extra steps (disable, delete, upload, activate).

Is it legal to use themes and plugins downloaded from your website?

Themes and plugins presented on MarketersClubs.Com are distributed via GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). GNU GPL license assumes free file downloading, using, modification and distribution.

You violate a copyright. I am going to inform a copyright holders!

There is no any copyright protected material on the pages of our website. We do not place any files that violate a copyright. Any files in access via links are located on third servers that are not related with MarketersClubs

Are All The WordPress Files Exactly The Same Code The Developers Provide?

Yes, all the WordPress files here at Marketers Clubs are 100% untouched – 100% authentic.

You’ll Receive Untouched And Unmodified Files and 100% Free From Virus / Malicious Script / Backdoor.

I See a Message Asking For License Key, Why?

When you install some premium plugins or themes, for example a WooCommerce extension, you may be asked to input a license key.

The key is given when you purchase the files from the Developers directly. And this allows direct tech support and automatic updates for the higher premium price that you would have to pay for x amount of sites for the given support.

However, this key is not required for the plugin or theme to function. For some of these notices you can just click the dismiss tag and others all we can do is ignore them as they will be there forever. And others there is code you can insert into your functions.php so the messages do not show.

Or install a free plugin to hide all warnings WP Hide Plugin Updates and Warnings

Payment and Downloading

Where can I download the items from?

For general customer. click on my account section then go to downloads tab click to see Demo.

And we also sent the download link to your email too. click to see Demo

Note: The Download link will expired in 24 hour. Please download within due time.

How do I download them after buying the subscription?

For memberships. After you have purchased the plan. You can browse all product on the Shop and you will found the blank button below the blank button on every product pages. and you can download them as one-click. Demo

How are you able to offer premium WordPress plugins at such a discount?

Plugins and Themes are considered by the copyright holders and community as derivitive works of WordPress itself (see So all of the plugins and themes offered on are GPL by virtue of being derivative works of WordPress itself, and also because their codebases incorporate GPL components, frameworks, etc. Additionally, every plugin author references and acknowledges that their software is licensed under the GPL within their terms and conditions. Marketers Clubs offer is well within the bounds of the GPL license which allows anyone to sell copies of a GPL program for money (

I purchased a product on using PayPal but I haven’t received my download link yet.

Some payments made using PayPal get temporarily stuck in the Pending status. We make every effort to approve pending purchases as regularly as possible, usually within a couple of hours.

If I buy the single product, will I get regular updates from

No, individual product purchases are the one-time purchase, and hence they are not eligible for regular updates. You have unlimited downloads of your purchase with one day’s access to download any updates on our server during this period.

A new version of a theme or a plugin was announced but is absent on your website

In case you did not find the last version of a theme or a plugin on our website you can send us a request via feedback form, send us e-mail on, write us online or simply leave a comment on the theme/plugin page and we will add download links as soon as we get theme/plugin.

If I buy Marketers Clubs Subscription, How can I cancel it?
You can cancel the subscription anytime. No obligation, and no auto renew.


Do I Get Updates?

Yes. Updates are critical, and we will work very fast to get those updates to your membership area as quickly as we can.

Remember for a customer when you buy as the one-time payment of our ‘single’ items currently priced at $2.99 it will cover within one day of updates.

For the club memberships. Get access to all the elements including any future updates during your membership. Be based on your plan

I Need Support!

So there is no confusion – If or when you need support for any of the files found here at MarketersClubs then you must buy the software directly from the Developers.

+ Their links are shown within their product page listing – see the Additional Information Tab.

Our memberships are designed more for WordPress site developers, WordPress freelancers and site owners who have used WordPress for many months or years.

For example, they may only want to ‘test’ a premium plugin or premium theme to see if solves they need. and for our support is not needed.

Others will pay the small single file price of $2.99 to test the software and after that a few months knowing they want to use the software in production, then they might decide to buy a support package directly from the Developer to resolve an issue they could not resolve on their own.

For many of us, we simply do online research and que searches for the issues at hand and spend our time finding the solution on our own. The money we spend is our own time to research the solutions ourselves. We research and we find our own answers, we learn. (google searches, forum, other WordPress tech forums etc.)

When you pay the full price at the Developer website then you receive the exact same ‘files’, but you also receive their direct support for that item.

If in doubt or unsure, then always buy the support packages offered at the Developers website.

I did not find answer on my question, how can I contact you?

You can contact us via online chat on the website, send us a message via feedback form or write us on e-mail: We will answer your question.

I Have A General Question About Your Service – Can I Contact You?

Absolutely, please send your question using our Contact Form. We will answer your question.

I have some other questions, how can I get in touch?

We have a Ticketing Section, please use it for anything that is not clear in the FAQ. Check back HERE on the status of your tickets too. We try to improve this page and your experience all the time, so any input on how to do this better is welcomed!

Where can i ask for Update Request?

Under The product you see update request. 



Can These Files Be Installed At My Website?

These files can not be installed at

The files here at Marketers Clubs are for the free GPL software provided by is the location for the ‘self-hosted’ GPL software that you download and install at your hosting company.

These files can not be installed on because the website is a service from WordPress and they control all aspects of that hosting service. For some they spend their upgrade funds on moving into the self hosted version of WordPress and install premium plugins and themes that fit their niche perfectly.

Here are a few links that shows the comparisons: and (WordPress Support) (from the makers themselves) vs

Did You Create These Files?

This question has not been asked via email. But I want to head off any such question now with this formal statement as shown also in our Terms of Service page.

Marketers Clubs is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way related to 3rd party Developers. Including: WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes, Elegant Themes, Rocketgenius Inc., GravityForms, iThemes, OnTheGoSystems, AppThemes